Tuesday, November 24, 2009

School Pics

Not much new happening. Brian is building a pantry in the kitchen, Hurray!!!! This was supposed to be a smiple project, which unfortunately for him has become a small nightmare. You would think that at this point we would come to expect this. Who ever did the last remodeling on the house was very.......creative!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Pics

Not much to say other than the kids were totally out of control. We did trunker treat, my work, and Jen's neighborhood. Ava was done before the end of Jens block, Grace and Ash could have gone all night (provided that someone else carried their bags as they became as heavy as they were).

Thanks to Jen and Denise for helping to entertain!
Scarlet O'hara

The vampire

and the Hippo

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Buns

Not much to say about the bunnies, except that I won't post any names since their names change every time that the girls play with them. Just a couple of pics and videos. Do not allow the "innocent" looking still shots fool you, viewer discretion is advised if you have a weak stomach to "animal cruelty"......

As Karl Malone would say, "Connie do be interested in the bunnies, she really do" .

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Birthday fun and All thanks to Katie!

So the saga begins....
Katie has inspired us to ride our bikes! After watching her video...and the fact that I ran over one of the training wheels of Ava's bike when I was backing our of the garage...we decided that we were ready to try.

We went one Sunday after we got Ava from Eric, she was very nervous and Brian and I were both wearing flip flops which are less than ideal to run behind holding onto a bike! So we went the following Sunday and she did short bouts, but unfortunately no camera.

So, I promised her we would go after school the next day, her birthday, but being the great mom that I am..I had scheduled her a dentist appointment. After the dentist we took her to Olive Garden for her birthday dinner where she thoroughly enjoyed her spaghetti.

First I was feeling like our waiter was a loser and as much I kept telling him and then hinting to him that we needed to have people sing to her, I thought that he was never going to do it. But, he totally pulled through and not only did they sing, but he made her a wiener dog balloon! He got a good tip.

After dinner we went to a church parking lot and finally took video of riding our bike! Luckily it was only raining a little, not that the rain was going to stop her from getting her film debut anyways. And with the rain there was a huge rainbow that Ava thought was pretty cool.

The saga continues...
So naturally you can't have one bike and three kids. So we went to good old Wal Mart and got two new bikes. Here are two of the three proud owners and their bikes (because Ash could not hold still for a pic).

We went back to the parking lot and we learned how to ride! Here are the new bike riders! Thanks for paving the way Katie!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Latest updates

We did some smore making in our back yard. The girls have been wanting to go camping (minus Ash) but since we don't have a tent or sleeping bags, we figured this would be a good first step.

As mom already posted, we went to South Ogden Days. It's always so much more expensive than you planned! Next year wrist bands for sure!

After Grace and Ava went on their first four or five rides, we were afraid that this was the only "ride" Ash would be going on. So we thought we had better document it.

But once the girls started doing the smaller rides, Ash decided (with much coercing!) to give the kiddie rides a try.....then she didn't want to stop. Although you wouldn't know it by her facial expressions, does this look like a kid whose having a good time?

Other random things that have been going on....
The girls were all dressed up for a birthday party that Ava went to so I got some cute pics of them.

Connie continues to drag in the dead. Don't let her innocent look fool you!

She likes to find th dead baby moles. She also brought in the lower Half of a huge rat! The full rat was probably just about as big as she was! That one I could not bring myself to take a picture of, I was more concerned with freaking out at Brian to get it out! For the next week we wouldn't let Connie lick any of us because she had "rat butt mouth".

We have been trying to sell Brian's Range Rover. So we've been cleaning it up. Every time that we do clean up, we are surrounded by wasps. Brian has sprayed all over Rover, but they keep coming back! Last weekend Brian was working on it while the girls were in it playing road trip. Suddenly they are pointing out of the drivers side window to a huge wasp nest in the tree directly over Rover! How we missed this I do not know!

And here is Connie doing wipies after a bath. I know that Denise will especially appreciate this!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Random Happenings

Just some random happenings from the last little while......

Here is a little something that the cat, er....little dog dragged in! Sorry to say Jen, I think your coon hound has got a little competition here! (And I do mean little!)

I'm not sure if Ash is going to be able to get any more conditioner out of this bottle, but she is going to keep on working on it!

The girls were enjoying bathing a poor tied down Peanut, however, I'm not sure that Peanut was enjoying the girls or the bath! You can be the judge.

Ava and Grace taught Ash how to not be scared on the trampoline anymore. So now we have a fun, free, and somewhat dangerous new past time. Sprinklers and trampolines!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

And the Graduates are....................

Grace and Ava!!!!!

One day, two ceremonies, and two happy graduates! Graces graduation was much more of the two teachers giving themselves pats on the back, which was unfortunate. They did sing three songs and then they got their diplomas. Ava's class sang a bunch of songs and each had a speaking part. I am amazed at how many of the kids still talk baby talk!!! Yikes! All in all they were both really cute! I was thrilled with the cap and gowns at Ava's, I didn't know about them til I got there. They even did the tassel switch! I was hoping for a hat throw....but it didn't happen. Here are the two grads with their teachers.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

More on Dance

Her next competition is on May 2nd at Roy High School. both of her dances will be in the morning. Her first dance is about 9:20 and the second about 11:20. She also has a dance recital where she will do the same dances at Weber State University on May 22nd in the evening. One more upcoming event is her Kindergarten graduation at Uintah Elementary on May 27th at 5:30.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dance Competition #1

This first dance is their jazz dance. They won second place. The second dance is their lyrical, which they also won second place. I had a really bad angle on the second dance and Ava is behind one of the other girls. Her next competition is May 2nd, so hopefully I can get a better shot.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

School Pictures

I know that I am lazy....I am the weakest link! Here are some school pics of Ava and Grace. In other news, Brian and I are getting married. We will be having a very small ceremony. I am not trying to leave anyone out, however we have chosen to invite just a few immediate family members. I appreciate everyone's support and I will post pics and write all about it......probably after someone else already does!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Updates on Connie

I got the name Connnie Francis because my boss Tom has been playing his Ipod at work for our overhead music. It is a very random selection to say the least! One of the songs that played one day (pre Connie) was "Where the Boys Are" by Connie Francis. I liked the song and asked Danielle who was sitting next to me singing along who it was. You would have to know Danielle to know that she is hilarious and she turns to me and says in her "Nacho Libre" voice this is Connie Francis. Then when I started looking at dogs, it just seemed to fit!

Connie is too tiny to be bothered with! Connie and Peanut are getting along much better, Peanut is no longer scared....although sometimes a little irritated! One of Connies favorite places is on Peanuts back!