Thursday, July 17, 2008

Something Exciting!

Well I do have an exciting story that I forgot to share! I woke up to get ready the other morning and opened my closet door and my room started filling up with a really nasty smell. I didn't know what the smell was, but I knew it wasn't good. I sniffed around and couldn't figure out what it was, so I unplugged everything and left for I was late as usual. When I got home that night it still stunk and was a little more potent. So when Brian came over I asked him if he knew what it was. He sniffed around and decied it was coming from teh water heater (you know the really creepy one in my bedroom closet! Those of you who have been to my apartment know what I'm talking about!). So he unscrewed teh fromt panel and much to our suprise it had been on fire inside. It had burned so much inside of itself that it had melted the wires in half! So, nothing makes you feel safer than ghetto water heaters! The good news is they came out the next day and replaced it while I was at work, this does make the closet a little bit less creepy, not much!

Dance Recital

Well apparently Ang is really dropping the ball on telling me how to do the video thing, I like to pass the blame like Dr. Mikey whenever I can....So here are some pics that I took. And by the way Anglea, YOU'RE FIRED!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Here's your new post!

Well, I'm sorry I have been slacking! Nothing too exciting is going on. Brian and I set up the trampoline that I bought, what two years ago?, for the girls. His plan is to have someone come and dig it into the ground. For now we were going to just level off the ground, but when that was too much work for two shovels......we gave up and Mguivered it. I do not have pics yet, but I will take some this weekend and post them. You could label them on a trampoline sight as "how not to set up a trampoline". Ava and Grace are complete maniacs on it, Ash is scared. They will spend hours out there. The great part about the enclosure is, you can zip it and leave them in there for a bit, not that I would ever do that!
We were jumping the other day and I was bouncing the girls, I bounced Grace so good that it thrilled her and made her nervous at the same time, and she peed her pants! Which of course her and Ava thought was hilarious. She didn't want to stop jumping because she didn't think that it was "that much peeps!"
Work is work. It was Dr. Mikey's b-day the other day so of course we had to make a big deal out of it. He was actually nice about it the first part of the day. But of course as the day went on he went back to his regular sunshine self. We had two clients that came in that day that were going to pay, and we have to notify him as soon as they do. Client A is a woman and client B is a man, both of which he has just met with the day before and today. So the womans check was for 7,000 and the man was paying a deposit of 500. He changed the name of his practice over a year ago, but never filed it with the state. So the bank will not allow us to deposit checks in the new name, duh! Well client B got a certified check for $500 and made it out to the new name. When one of the office girls went back to tell him that both had paid but client b made the check out wrong, he flipped out and called a "meeting". So we all had to go into the exam room where he reemed us out for 10 minutes. He asked who had let the patient make out the check wrong and one of the girls began to answer and stuttered, he cut her off and started fake stuttering back to her! He then told us that "he didn't need this kind of stress on his birthday!" Ummm, milking it a little? Once he settled down for two seconds and he figured out that the check was for the smaller amount, he reemed us again for him being confused about which check it was, because he doesn't care about the smaller check! Just a fun insight into some of the daily joy I get at my job!