Monday, September 22, 2008

Antelope Island

We decided to buy the girls all "adventure shoes" (not so cute tennis shoes) at payless and took the girls for an adventure. It was fun, they had a blast climbing all of the rocks with minimal whining. Brain tried to teach the girls how to skip rocks.Ava was in much more of a posing mood today
We even saw some buffalo on the way out.
This last picture is really for Jen, because what is an adventure without some sort of animal carcass....


If you couldn't guess from the title, I am talking about work! To sum up what has kept me from blogging....I have been on the job hunt. Mikey decided to cut my hours down to 30 hours a week, because he is broke! I had two bounced paychecks and a week where I got paid a week late. After he cut my hours, I told him that I would be looking for a new job. The next day he gave me a dollar raise, go figure! We then have been having more wonderful dinner workshops! Well at the last one, I managed to lose my keys. Fact: I do not own a spare key. Fact: Once you have a new key made, your car will still not start without the keyless entry to turn off your car alarm that p.s. does not go off when window is broken. So after searching for my keys for 30 minutes, we proceeded to try to break into my car. I have to say that watching Mikey try to use a hanger to unlock my doors was one of the best things I have ever witnessed! I wish that I could have videoed it! Instead I was at least able to take a picture of the crack that I somehow managed to shove my entire arm through...past the elbow!I don't think after seeing this, that it is hard to see that my arm was stuck! The next day I did have a nice bruise on my forearm and above my elow. These however did not picture well.
Moral of the story.... do not lose your keys at a dinner workshop 1) You are stuck with Mikey for an extra hour 2) You are willing to do impossible things to try to escape 3) He will threaten to make you pay to replace the work locks as your work key is on your key chain!

Return of the King

I know, I have been majorly slacking! However, I am hoping that this super post will begin to redeem me! So I will begin with Ava's B-day. We went to Classic Skating, I am always amazed at how many people do not RSVP to a party! Anyhow, I pretty much chose Classis Skating for myself!Mom also got in on the action!No I am NOT too big! It was pretty fun, of course there are always a few whiners at every party...Fact: Jennifer IS crying after hurting herself. Fact: I am faster than Jennifer (as she is the black bear and I am the brown bear) Fact: One of the little girls that came likes for me to hold her, she is the same way everyday that I drop off Ava to school. She wanted me to hold her the entire party, after about 15-20 minutes I told her that I could not carry her and hold her anymore. At this point she started to limp and cry. So I took her to her mother. Her mother immediately started freaking and got her an ice pack (even after I explained the situation). She then proceeded to keep her home from school the following Monday and took her to the doctor. There was no bruising or swelling and there was no x-ray done, but since she was still limping her mother was pretty sure that she had a bone fracture or a really bad sprain. Whatever!
Note that Ava was refusing to look at the camera for ANY pictures!
So....I began to get crafty and found other things to take pictures of, I thought that this womans dress was stunning!
Note the blonde woman to the left. At first I tried to be stealthy and pretended to take a picture of Brian....Then I got more bold.

What you can't tell from this picture is that the back is about five inches shorter than the front. She is also wearing green eye shadow, lovely gold shows, and festive jewelry to match. I couldn' t help but tell her how much I loved her outfit, I believe that my exact words to her were "to die for". She was thrilled!