Sunday, March 1, 2009

Updates on Connie

I got the name Connnie Francis because my boss Tom has been playing his Ipod at work for our overhead music. It is a very random selection to say the least! One of the songs that played one day (pre Connie) was "Where the Boys Are" by Connie Francis. I liked the song and asked Danielle who was sitting next to me singing along who it was. You would have to know Danielle to know that she is hilarious and she turns to me and says in her "Nacho Libre" voice this is Connie Francis. Then when I started looking at dogs, it just seemed to fit!

Connie is too tiny to be bothered with! Connie and Peanut are getting along much better, Peanut is no longer scared....although sometimes a little irritated! One of Connies favorite places is on Peanuts back!