Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Job

Well just a positive update on my job.....We had a conference call with a doctor in Seattle that mentors clinics, since he has the biggest clinic like ours in the US. So Mikey was asking him how you close the people that say that they don't have the money right now. The Dr told him some really good advice. Mikey said, "so you don't ever tell them that if they don't sign up today, that they can't come back?" I have never met this other doctor, and I don't know what he looks like, but by the tone of his voice (the what the #$@% voice!) I can see his face in my mind as he said NNNNOOOO! Mikey replied "Really?" and he was genuinely baffled! So he asked again and got the dame response. He then asked again and the Dr told him "why would you ruin a future possibility?" and Mikey just said "Huh." I wanted to smack him! I really had to fight the urge to ask the doctor "So, do you ever tell people that don't sign up that they deserve their pain? Cause we do that a lot!"
Then, today, I almost got fired! One of the other girls did not make the reminder calls last night. he thought that it was my responsibility and screamed at me. Luckily one of the other girls told him that it wasn't on me, it was the other girl and she had reminded her to make the calls before she left for the night. So then he almost fired her. He then took us all into the exam room and screamed at us for a good 20 minutes! After that no one could do anything right in the day so he continued to be a complete ass (sorry, but that is the most appropriate word I could think of) for the rest of the day! He told us that he has no problem firing someone just to make a point. We had a client not show up at 3:00, so I called to see if they were coming, he said that his father-in-law had come in the week before and was treated very badly by the doctor and he wouldn't be coming in. Mikey was furious and yelled "I have never been rude to anyone!" It took everything in me not to pee my pants laughing right in his face! All I can say is that he is a great business man!~