Saturday, June 28, 2008

Life at my new job

Well to give you something interesting to read about, I will let you in on my new job. I am the office manager for a spinal decompression clinic. The doctor, "Dr.", is a real gem. Most days start with a really nice pep talk where he asks us for our positive energy and concludes with him telling us that we can either go to the top with him, or we'll be fired! This is just a sample of his wonderful attitude!
Now this story may sound like fiction, but believe me it's as real as it gets! I was in the room with him, a coworker and a patient and his wife for a report of findings. In this appointment he discusses with the patient his diagnosis as well as the length and cost of the treatment. This particular patient (who happened to be a one armed man) did not like the price and told the doctor that it was a rip off and that he was like a used car salesman. The Dr. got irate! Both "mature" men started yelling at each other, with the patient making threats and the Dr. telling the patient "you deserve your pain!" As they continued to fight, the patient asked the Dr. if he wanted to take this outside and pushed him (remember he only had one arm!). So I got to call the police and write up mine and the doctors statements!
It doesn't end there! The following day the patients wife called the office and said that she needed to pick up their x-ray and MRI. I told her that there was no way that he would allow them to come into the office, but perhaps I could meet her in the parking lot. I then had the pleasure of calling the Dr. on his cell phone (he was at lunch) and told him they were coming to pick up their things. He yelled at me on the phone and then hung up on me! Then when he got back to the office and proceeded to rip my butt off, telling me I had no right to say they could pick up their stuff. I told him he had no right to keep it!
He later could down, but he still likes to make comments about how he could have kicked his ass! Blah blah blah! He thinks he is so cool because he can come up with a bunch of one arm derogatory comments.
So it is fun working with the other girls because we all make fun of him behind his back! He likes to think that he is into "The Secret" and all of this positive energy stuff, yet he is the most negative person I have ever met! And by the're fired!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

1st entry

OK! Quit hasseling me! I set up a there are no pictures or anything else, but I am working on it! More to come soon.........