Saturday, August 1, 2009

Latest updates

We did some smore making in our back yard. The girls have been wanting to go camping (minus Ash) but since we don't have a tent or sleeping bags, we figured this would be a good first step.

As mom already posted, we went to South Ogden Days. It's always so much more expensive than you planned! Next year wrist bands for sure!

After Grace and Ava went on their first four or five rides, we were afraid that this was the only "ride" Ash would be going on. So we thought we had better document it.

But once the girls started doing the smaller rides, Ash decided (with much coercing!) to give the kiddie rides a try.....then she didn't want to stop. Although you wouldn't know it by her facial expressions, does this look like a kid whose having a good time?

Other random things that have been going on....
The girls were all dressed up for a birthday party that Ava went to so I got some cute pics of them.

Connie continues to drag in the dead. Don't let her innocent look fool you!

She likes to find th dead baby moles. She also brought in the lower Half of a huge rat! The full rat was probably just about as big as she was! That one I could not bring myself to take a picture of, I was more concerned with freaking out at Brian to get it out! For the next week we wouldn't let Connie lick any of us because she had "rat butt mouth".

We have been trying to sell Brian's Range Rover. So we've been cleaning it up. Every time that we do clean up, we are surrounded by wasps. Brian has sprayed all over Rover, but they keep coming back! Last weekend Brian was working on it while the girls were in it playing road trip. Suddenly they are pointing out of the drivers side window to a huge wasp nest in the tree directly over Rover! How we missed this I do not know!

And here is Connie doing wipies after a bath. I know that Denise will especially appreciate this!