Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fourth of July

Nothing much going on with me or the diva. Still trying to figure out how to do these posts. Ang is supposedly going to give me instructions on how to post Ava's last dance recital....we'll see if I'm smart enough. Other than that I figured I would try to post some fourth of July pics. We were pretty casual. Of course no matter how many sparklers you buy, it's never enough! Ashlyn was to scared to do the sparklers which pleased Gracve and Ava to have more. Other than that they did a little swimming in the little pool.
Ava was being a little hose hog and squirting the other girls. She was trying to pretend that it was a fun game, but I'm pretty sure she was the only one liking it! She kept luring them in saying that she wouldn't spray them, and then she would. I guess if they keep going back for more.....

So that was our forth in a nutshell. Sorry, I'm not too great at adding the pics yet. I'm trying!