Saturday, August 16, 2008

Other Random News

To start off with, I am aware that I have been slacking, nothing like my sister Jo, yet still slacking. I have been in Purgatory! Yes, it is dinner workshop time at work again. During dinner workshop time I get to work 12-13 hour days with no overtime! Isn't that illegal you ask, well yes it is! To make it even better, our first workshop was last Thursday, Thursday happens to be payday as well, we got done with the dinner workshop (where keep in mind, us employees do not get to eat dinner) and he informs us that we will not be getting our paychecks today, because there is not enough money in the account! I did not get paid until the following Tuesday, but since we had a dinner workshop that night as well, I did not get to deposit my paycheck because I worked from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm. Mikey is a real gem! On the third workshop night he yelled at me for not bringing the extension cord, which we did not use the previous two dinners - at the same restaurant, so he told me I was irresponsible. I asked him what he would like me to do - as the cord was not imperative to operation, and he told me that he hoped I learned from my mistakes, I could have cost him the entire workshop with my negligence! Aren't you all jealous of my boss!

The first day off after all of this I got to take poor tiny to a random pediatrician for her kindergarten shots which I was told that she didn't need this year, as she is going to private kindergarten early, only to learn one week before school that she does need them. Since everyone is getting theirs at the last minute, and also football physicals....I took the only office that could get her in. To my pleasant surprise, the doctor was great with her and I will choose her in the future. To my bad, I had to make a deal with Ava that if she was brave, I would be brave. She chose to make me hold the snake at Eric's clinic. Have I mentioned I hate snakes!This is the closest I came to actually "holding" the snake. I swear to you I was nauseous and my eyes were tearing up! There may or may not have been a puddle of pee at my feet, you'll never know! Luckily it sufficed Ava! To show me up she put the snake in her basket and tried to skate it around the clinic until Eric put a stop to her fun!

The highlights of that day at the clinic did come in the form of puppies that were just a few hours old. They do make you want one for just a second!

And to end off with, here is a clip of random spastic dancing that Ava asked me to tape and post!

The vet clinic

We took the girls to Eric's clinic to "help" out. He brought Naughtia to shave, Ava was the only one brave enough to get up there with her.
Even though I severely dislike the cat, it was sad to see her under with a gas mask on!

Grace and Ash also wanted nothing to do with the snakes, I can't say that I blame them there!!!
Beeva la Diva has no fear!

Ava and "Charlay"

Not quite as funny as the first time she watched the time I got to video it she had already watched it three times before this day as well. However here she is.