Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ava's Art Gallery

This is coming late....Through the month of September Ava's class learned about various famous artists. They got to try different art projects mimicking the artists. My favorite is the self portrait. We got to go after school to the gallery. Ava was very proud of her work.

Making good use of our adventure gear

We went hiking around pine view last week. The funnest part was that it is apparently bee mating season and Brian was the only one getting swarmed! It was hilarious to say the least! Some of my favorite one liners were: "Bee's 4 Brian 36, and I'm still living" "Ow! That hurt (as he smacked his own leg with a stick) but I got one" "I'm gonna kick your @#*!" "You want a piece of me?" These clips are just a small taste of what he was doing the entire time we were at the lake! Unfortunately I cannot claim that no animals were hurt or killed in these filmings........sorry PETA!

Aside from the bees, Ava found several lady bug
"friends". If you look really close there are two of them.

The girls decided to go for a little swim. What started out as getting their feet wet, quickly became them waist deep in the water.

Nut as usual decided to make a filthy pig of herself! I swear she does it to me on purpose!

All in all it was a really pretty fall day.....but not for the bees!