Thursday, August 7, 2008

The funniest video!

This is what Ava and I watch now in our spare time! Almost as funny as the movie is Ava's reaction!


Monday, August 4, 2008

Who should really sleep in the bed?

Yes, that's right....Peanut is in the beds while the girls are on an air mattress on the floor! And yes Denise....they are matching night gowns, it is time for an intervention!

Neighborhood Luau

We went to Brian's moms neighborhood luau with the girls. I want to zurchers and got them some Hawaiian gear. They were quite pleased with themselves, and all of the attention that they were getting. As soon as we got there, someone asked them if they would get up on the table and dance.These two "very shy" girls jumped at the chance, and after a bunch of random people took pictures of them, I asked it they wanted to get down and get some dinner, and of course Ava politely responded "No thanks, we'll stay up here!" Sometimes she is so humble I wonder if she is Nate's daughter!

This wonderful video ends in a bit of a fight. But, at least I was smart enough to end it before you hear me getting sarcastic and saying "Oh, that's fun! Keep fighting everyone wants to watch you fight!" Although I guess it doesn't matter since I just tattled on myself.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Zoo

I am a little behind on posting, but we took the girls to the Hogle Zoo last week. What a treat! I 0have come to the conclusion that the zoo is home to every rude idiot, and or mutant in Utah or visiting! Unfortunately we did not see any polygamists, this was a first from my previous zoo visits!
First of all let me just take the chance of sounding like Craiger for a moment, and say that taking five people anywhere is too expensive! By the time you pay for admission, the train, the new carousel, and of course rent a wagon, you are into the day over $60. I also forgot to mention that they did get a McDonald's happy meal on the way to the zoo. So the great part about all of this, is that when you tell them that getting to come was the fun thing that we got to do today, they through a diva size fit that it's not going to be a toy buying day!

This is the new carousel ride. New excitement to the Hogle Zoo never stops!
The only animal excitement that we did get to witness was at the giraffes. P.S. for those of you who recall the handicap giraffe, he is no longer there! There is no mention of his whereabouts, long live handirafee if he is not already dead! But, as we stood in front of the giraffes for a couple of minutes, one walked all of the way across the pen to pee directly in front of us! I have never smelt anything quite like it, and I hope to never get that close of a shot again!

We did try to put the kids to work at one point and make them pull their own lasted for less than three feet. We decided that from now on they are big enough to walk or they are not big enough to go. The harsh reality of becoming a big kid!