Saturday, March 26, 2011

Have you seen this girl...?

       I want to first thank everyone so far who has helped us out with flat Ava. When I first got the instructions home from school, I will admit that I was a bit more that irritated. But thanks to all of you, it has been really fun for me, and even more fun for Ava. Here are just a few of the things that flat Ava has done..
First she went to Buffalo NY where she played the game of 'Trouble' with cousin Liv and Uncle Nate... of course Uncle Nate won!
Flat Ava helped cousin Liv take care of her tortoise George, he loves to eat red leaf lettuce.
Flat Ava came to work with Aunt Angie at the Doctors office one day and just had to have a check up. We checked her ears and her heart and reminded Flat Ava to eat healthy foods and get some exercise everyday!

 Next she went to sunny Florida to vist Grandma Kayt and Grandpa Mike. They sent the pics to school, they did a lot of fun stuff on the beach

Flat Ava went hiking with Jen and shady up Baer Canyon and she also got a hug fom Bode and Jen's work

Then she was off to ride Jake at Rock E with Dee!

She then took a flight to Phoenix.....who knew they let Beavers on the plane?!

Always check your feet for TP after leaving the bathroom,  how embarrassing!

 And now......we're not sure where she's at! Thanks again, and if you see this girl, please send her along with a pic or two! How nice would it be if we could all travel through the mail for a couple of bucks!