Saturday, September 19, 2009

Birthday fun and All thanks to Katie!

So the saga begins....
Katie has inspired us to ride our bikes! After watching her video...and the fact that I ran over one of the training wheels of Ava's bike when I was backing our of the garage...we decided that we were ready to try.

We went one Sunday after we got Ava from Eric, she was very nervous and Brian and I were both wearing flip flops which are less than ideal to run behind holding onto a bike! So we went the following Sunday and she did short bouts, but unfortunately no camera.

So, I promised her we would go after school the next day, her birthday, but being the great mom that I am..I had scheduled her a dentist appointment. After the dentist we took her to Olive Garden for her birthday dinner where she thoroughly enjoyed her spaghetti.

First I was feeling like our waiter was a loser and as much I kept telling him and then hinting to him that we needed to have people sing to her, I thought that he was never going to do it. But, he totally pulled through and not only did they sing, but he made her a wiener dog balloon! He got a good tip.

After dinner we went to a church parking lot and finally took video of riding our bike! Luckily it was only raining a little, not that the rain was going to stop her from getting her film debut anyways. And with the rain there was a huge rainbow that Ava thought was pretty cool.

The saga continues...
So naturally you can't have one bike and three kids. So we went to good old Wal Mart and got two new bikes. Here are two of the three proud owners and their bikes (because Ash could not hold still for a pic).

We went back to the parking lot and we learned how to ride! Here are the new bike riders! Thanks for paving the way Katie!