Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trip to Bear Lake

Well it is par for the course that I am a complete slacker! We have been pretty busy since school has let out. What has become our yearly highlight, is our 2nd annual trip to Bear Lake. We stayed in Logan this year to save a few bucks. It was really nice. The girls loved main street, and it was fun to stop at places in Logan canyon on the way to the lake.

 Ava found a solution to not getting car sick....
The lake was super high this year, so there were only two beaches, one on the north end and one on the south. You had to get there early enough in the day or they would turn you away. There were maybe 50 parking spots at best! The water was not as blue and clear, and the beach was a bit muddy at the edge, but the girls still had a great time playing.

We did break down and rent a boat for a few hours on Saturday. Unfortunately the only time that they had left was from 9-11am. Up there that put us at 64 degrees. But the girls had the time of their lives, even scardy cat Ash!

The girls each got to take a turn driving all on their own. That is the plus side of going so early on that we only saw two other boats in the entire two hours!
Then we drove to Randolph, where there is "the smallest gift shop" It literally looks to be about the size of a port o potty. Of course it was closed, so we went next door to a little Gifts of the West shop. Because what is a vacation without a souvenir!


Ang said...

First things first, I didn't even recognize you in the last picture! Was anyone going to tell me your hair was blond and down to your ass these days!!!

Looks like such a fun time. I am sure the boat was well worth the cash you guys had to shell out for it. I keep thinking we need to do something like that with the lakes and rivers up here but that would require a thought and plan, and I am to lazy. Also I think the bacteria content in Lake Erie has been on the high side this summer and they have banned swimming in some areas, yuck!

Now when are we going to get you on to facebook so we can stop blogging? Get it done gal!

Sheryl said...

It looks like you guys did have a fabulous time. I have been feeling guilty about not blogging Philly, so I will have to put the pics up.

I agree with Ang. Get your hiney on facebook. It is so much easier!

Jen said...

Love the pics! It looks like a great time was had by all.